The end to writers block, by Fleur

Chapter four  of book three calls. As it has done for a month now.  Writers Block, caused by life getting in the way, and a lack of focus.

But with Bungalow Lil now working with an editor (good idea mum), I no longer have children, business accounts, work, mums blog, worries about her partners care home, or my new business to get in the way.

Book three is meant to be a pacier set of murders, set during the selection of a new MP candidate.  My pace is more like a snail then a hare.

But as winter draws in, and my flower business follows the natural cycles of sleeping in the winter, I must write and complete my new book before the daffodils and tulips bloom.  Business launch in the spring, but book launch? Well who knows.  I think I might get an editor as well.  Great minds think alike. FB

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