Challenges of sharing a mother daughter blog

Bungalow lil and I share a blog, we both write so it seemed like a good idea to market to the widest possible crowd, both her friends and mine. It also solves the problem of the 10 unpublished books Bungalow lil has written. A platform to get them out and to tell people about them.

Since Lil has little techy no how  (see blog on technology) a shared blog should help give access to the changing world of the web.  The difference between my knowledge, stretched at the edges but still trying to keep up, and my mother’s is gaping.  I find myself having surreal conversations

“ Hi mum, really nice first blog.  Thanks for dropping it round.  Unfortunately you printed it out and gave me the paper copy.  Could you possibly attach it to an email and send it?

No, not possible, you’ve frozen the screen?

Ok, don’t worry. Press control alt delete.

Where is it? Have a look at your key board.

What you cant? You haven’t got your glasses.  Turn the machine off.  How?

Where is the off knob?

Off course, you’ve lost your glasses.  Pull the plug out at the mains. I will type up your blog and post it and then come round to the bungalow and get your machine up and running again.  Oh by the way Mum, Its not a BLOB, its a BLOG. That’s right a BLOG”

Yes this does happen, quite regularly.  And she is one of the most creative people I know, yet wilfully  a luddite with technology.  Am I bossy or frustrated?  I leave the reader to decide.

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