Self Publish, Indie, Traditional Agents, Ebooks and Print on Demand. Where does an author start? by Fleur

I edit mum’s books, I edit my own.  We have books ready to launch. I meet others who have written and struggle to find agents, publishers, an audience. And they are good writers, have hopes of being accepted as a booker prize entrant.  Yet the publishing world is changing almost every second.  E books, podcasts, paperbacks, self publishing, subscriptions. Special deals, Blogs, Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu and CompletelyNovel Barnes and Noble and JK Rowling as the example we could all follow.  Get real.

Where do we start. This blog is going well for mum’s writing, her books will have a launch pad.  The number of hits on this site is far higher than you guys who follow us.  Our likes are going well. Her latest article on care homes shows why she is so original. Only mum would see the blindingly obvious and make us suddenly see it too.

The writing of the book is the easy part. The real problems start here on where on earth to turn next.  Self publishing or find an agent, e books, paperbacks, print on demand.  With over 70% of all sales still being in paper format, perhaps it is both.  How to pay for it? Self publishing can be full of up front costs if you want more freedom than letting Amazon do it all for you. But they can get your book up there for free and easy, then keep most of your money and marketing efforts.  The deal is fair if you sell only a few and have no money for up front costs. You just have to get your friends to buy it on the Amazon link on your blog page (as we have done see top right)  Going the traditional route via an agent is hit and miss even for good authors. E books are full of self indulgent indies who haven’t edited properly.  How can you make your book stand out as well written and properly edited.

I am beginning to think there might be a new way to slide between these two routes. As mass audience and book shops fight it out, top down mass marketing. I increasingly think a new way is bottom up. Like artisan food, or artisan craft, a small scale publishers, to take on my book, mums and a few others and sell both paper books and e books. Mail order, and fairs direct to the audience.

To cover costs how many books need to be sold. ?  lulu says $5 a book of 150 pages.  Blurb does print your book on demand. Already to set it up and then print 1 or 1000’s.  They also link to Amazon, and ISBN numbers.  Completely Novel charges a monthly subscription of about £7.99  a month but only for paper back print on demand and try to offer similar as the above. So where to start.

This is my next journey. Stay with me and I will let you know what I find

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