To focus on which, writing or publishing? The writers dilemma

This Blog is first and foremost a platform for Lil and I to write and talk about our books.  But our works do not exist if we don’t put them out for the public to read.  A writer  can write beautiful prose, entertaining reads, poetry or murders, the activity is almost meaningless if there is no audience.  Unless,  of course, the purpose is to unburden the writer and help with self analysis.

Neither Lil not I write for our selves, the compulsion to keep putting down on paper the ideas and narratives in our heads is strong.  The time it takes to edit, find an agent or go down the self publishing route is also enormous. Particularly when we have so many scripts between us.

Keep focused is the endless cry, but at present I am looking for an agent for my Abelard and Heloise murder mystery set in the Dales, I have put into mothball my murder during the time of foot and mouth. I won’t let myself write any more of the next tale which is bursting out of my head.  It is all I can think of, book 3, as I enter competitions with book 2, convert chapters into short stories, take in my rejections from agents and press on all while practicing different styles and reading others books.

I also edit Lil’s books. “When Bends the Bough”, and another called “Hunt Buttons” were ready for publishing back in the early 90’s.  Her agent thought she was like Molly Keene.   I have the old type script of When Bends which has not scanned well. A total edit is needed. The other scripts have vanished.

Get mums books ready for Smashwords or Amazon, research DIY marketing.  She has ten scripts in various stages of finish. Lil keeps giving me the typed out versions of first drafts, or, even worse, she tries to give me the novels that she most enjoyed writing but perhaps are not ready to publishing.  My Mothers sense of humour is not always politically correct and she sees editing as a form of rejection.

For Lils books it makes sense to use the scripts that her agent believed in first. But WHERE ARE THEY?  And for mine? I must spend a bit longer on getting an agent.  When Lil’s first book in nearly a decade is published I might let myself write my third book.  Delayed gratification? Well it might make the ideas flow faster.

How many unpublished and unread scripts do you have sitting around? When do you realise that without an audience ones words have no meaning.

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