The Wonders of a Spring Walk in the Yorkshire Dales. by fb

The surprise of realising that the end of winter has arrived came upon me quite gloriously whilst walking down a river side path along the Ure. The early wild flowers are springing up, and the flower bracts of Elm trees fluttered in their lime yellow petals, waving in the leaves which will follow in a few days.

April 26 2015 Ulshaw Bridge

Ulshaw bridge, as the leaves unfurl.

The change of season this year has been wonderful.  The warmth after the long winter is like luxuriating in silk as the gentle breeze blows against the skin and the smell of warm earth and fresh grass rises up as the dogs and I walked downstream from the Coverbridge Inn.  Low rainfall meant the river rather than pouring and raging, was gurgling and bubbling. Ducks swam up stream and flirted with each other as the new leaves, and still naked branches dappled on the waters face.

Wind Anenomes have blows like a carpet of white snow along the river bank, interspersed with the multi colours of pink campion, ground ivy, bugle and dog violets, nodding their neads as the real dogs sniff around the fresh smells. Of all the plants it must be the flower stems of the butterbur that look most extraordinary. Like a part of a Dr Who film set their thick trunk like stems, dotted with brown pink florets bare nothing in common with the huge leaves that unfurl later in the season.  The wild garlic crushes under foot releasing its smell and yellow cowslips dot the sheep grazed river banks.  Short grass is all that is left of the herbivores, removed from the river bank to let the flowers thrive. And all awhile along the river bank, the waters warble and tinkle pass, glittering silver over the rocks and pebbles rising up in the low levels.  A truly marvellous spring day.

My day job is running flower cutting fields, Fleur’s Garden see my new website here.

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