Jumbo. Memories of a first wife by Lil.

Born 13th December 1936

Died 5th November 2015-11-18

There was a melancholy to the blaze of Autumn colours, the dried grass whispered quietly, the nettles died back gently, Jumbo opened his eyes, smiled and breathed his last.   The pheasants, at any rate, breathed a sigh of relief.   Suddenly, his death had the torch of memory peering in the corners.  Did he really take part in the independence of Ghana, get mentioned in dispatches while in Cyprus, did he direct the Money Programme, make a series of films of Billy Graham with David Frost.   Was he chairman of PHAB, met and heartily disliked Jimmy Savill?   Yes, it was Jumbo.   Father of seven, occasionally losing a few in the sweety shop at Polzeath.


Jumbo did what his family has done down the years, gave his time to good causes.   He ran the Butler Trust, tirelessly visiting prisons. He was a European to the core, living many years in France.  But the lure of the English country side got him in the end and he settled with Jennifer his third wife, in the depths of Dorset, enjoying his walks with Spice and shooting in the winter.   At heart, he was a reformer, a tad left wing at times. He was complex, lovable and a source of much love from his friends and family.

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