Lils second book, ready to roll

Its taken 6 months of editing, but at last Bungalow Lil and I, in association with the Yorkshire Dales Press (that’s us again but with different hat on) present to you Silver Spoons and Broken Wings .

Silver Spoons and broken Wings Cover

This started as semi autobiographical memories of lils childhood. She then used the memories to frame a modern story of a womens self discovery.

Click on the link on the top right (not the picture in the blog!) to take you to the amazon book shop page. It is only available as an ebook at present, but we hope to get a physical printed matter out there in the next 6 months. All those who love Lil. Do review it,

Silver Spoons and Broken Wings.  A Yorkshire Dales Press publication

A privileged childhood, cold and loveless, produces a woman who can’t quite make life work, no matter how conventional she is.  She revisits her child hood in a sequence of beautiful and lyrical memories and slowly various female relationships start to make sense.  It is only once she has thrown off the conventions of her narrow background that Lucy discovers her own path to security and happiness.

Set in the 1980’s London of upper class Kensington and the little Boltons, and the rural hinterland of those who hunted and lived in big houses, the author at times sounds like Anita Brookner who made this world her own. But the descriptions are so sharp and funny that the author might better be described as where Molly Keane met Mary Wesley.

About the Author

The author, Lucilla Butler, after many years of wandering, has settled in the Yorkshire Dales and excitingly refound her lost manuscripts, written in the late 1980’s.  She had an agent, Murray Pollinger, and her books were about to be published when the publishing houses bought each other out. Her contract was cancelled. She changed lovers, moved country and lost focus.  After many years the manuscripts have resurfaced detailing a world now ended. Much work and typing has gone into getting them ready for publication. I hope you enjoy them. Read more about Lil and her work on

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