Turkey: a wander amid flowers

Botany is for enthusiasts but flowers are for everyone.  My brain dips in and out of the families and species. They keep changing their names as the compositaea family is now the Asteraceae, and as for umbellifers? What now. Crucifera is Brassiceracea. Cabbage family I can remember, but all the flowers are small and yellow. At least Orchids are still Orchids, or rather Orchidaceae. Never to be confused with Monocotyledons as gorgeous as the Asphedoline brevicaulis of the Chimera flames20160412 Asphodeline near Cimera

The Boraginaceae family tries harder, gorgeous blues with curling tips, except for the yellow one we saw today. A very rare liquorice only found in the bay at Andrasan was pointed out with glee, and tulip seed heads, monks cowl orchids, and vetches so numerous we walk on them with abundance. 2016 04 10 coronilla parviflora, 4 scorpion vetch, pink, white, yellow I smell the French lavenders, peer at the small yellows, the pretty pinks and look up to the mountains as well as peering at the soil.  I am told we covered 72 flowers this morning.  In a small area of wasteland and scrubby pine no more than 500 meters from our lodging house. Botanists rarely see the view I have realised.  Rather like the tortoise wandering looking for its mate they are fixed on the ground and move slowly but thoughtfully.20160412 turkish tortoise

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One Response to Turkey: a wander amid flowers

  1. Marianne Edwards says:

    Oh but that should be a poem! Chop it up!!! Beautiful as it is, though!

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