Excerpt from Lils latest novel, Ruth and Caw.

april-26-2015-ulshaw-002RUTH AND CAW: Opening Chapter.

 There were four deep gold encrusted days of dappled warmth, dahlias and the gentle hand of autumn painting gold leaf on the trees.  Days of purple plums oozing juice for the lazy wasps.  Days of sweet satanic blackberries, tantalisingly protected by vicious thorns.  There were glorious smells of belly griping unripe apples, pendulous pears and one silly Lupin in the border like a guest on the wrong night.  It was the time of corn filled fields mowed by the harvesters leaving stubble, itchy and scratchy, a little late Pleasant Eye or two and Red Shank with the drop of Christ’s blood.  But the devil lay lurking with his own secret for these doom laden days.  That secret had been dragged, drenched, drowned and bloated from the shallows of the old pond. The vixen and her cubs, sensed danger and left a carcass of a young pheasant already heaving with maggots after the second day. The secret bobbed, stuck in the reeds as the end of the season approached.

The clumsy, sloshy big boots and the dragged tarpaulin wrapped body had crushed the undergrowth and the red ripe bryony could clamber out of the way.  Mind you, they were nice enough, specialists at their job, a nasty one, policemen endured to drowned corpses.  They joked, they had to, the corpses were too repellent not…………………… more available on Amazon Kindle soon


If you would like to read more, contact bungalow lil and I and we will let you know the publication date.

After the success of Silver Spoons and Broken Wings, Lil’s new novel explores the passing of an age as the post war world changed in to the modern one we know today, and the two women caught up in these monumental but almost unnoticed social changes.

The death of the mistress of the house and a way of life comes to an end. The table napkins, the evening dresses and dozens of handkerchiefs, all have to be sorted out. The saucepans, fish knives and finger bowls, must go – somewhere.  And the two people who shared their lives for over 60 years, the housekeeper and the nanny, their animosity must reach some conclusion.

Set in the 1970’s the beautiful nostalgic descriptions of a past way of life hide the raw emotions of jealousy and love that bound the two women to their mistress and her house. The book reaches its climax and the two women search for freedom as they pack away a past age.

This is a book about loyalties and class differences, it is about hope and hopelessness, love and jealousy.

Contact Bungalow Lil and I for the publication date, or look out for the book on Amazon,

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