How to insert a link from your Wordpress blog to you book on Amazon, with a picture, so people can buy it.

Reading the internet shows a lot of us have struggled to get the live image of our books on to our blogs. I have already succeeded in doing this for my 2 other books, with lovely pictures of the book cover which link to Amazon. But I forgot how, again, and this time I struggled. Either I get HTML in a block, or I get just the text in a dreary blue. Both link nicely to Amazon, but there is no image.

So this blog is a very basic reminder, to me, how to insert the live link of our books on to our blogs. It is for those of us who rely on DIY webpages, but struggle with the level of knowledge occasionally.  It is for me, and others, so I we dont forget each time how on earth to do it!

Lets start with the basic. 

You have a book and successfully uploaded your book on to Amazon via POD or Kindle.  You can find it for sale easily and your page is live.  You must be clever if you even managed to inset the Table of Content successfully.

Join Amazon Associates (I forgot this even existed). This allows you to make money every time you sell an item from your blog. If you are on WordPress you cant be commercial but they will allow you to sell your books and other people’s books.

  1. Go in to your Amazon Associate account. Leave the tab open.
  2. On a new tab, Go into you blog and open a new widget called TEXT. (see below)

HOW ? Open your blog. In order to insert a link you have to find the right widget.  Forgotten how? Click on Appearances.  This lurks on the dash board some where like WP Admin (not settings, or plug ins, or import or any other of those tantalizing dead ends)  Click on WP Admin and scroll down until you see “Appearances”. Hover over this and a new menu appears, click on Widgets.  A new page opens in edit format. There are a lot of new widgets on the left, scroll down until you see one called “TEXT” which says it is for arbitrary HTML or text.  Click on it or drag and drop it to you right hand column.  My widgets are all in my primary header area, down on the right hand column of my blog. They can be dragged and dropped up and down the column. All my books are at the top. Open your new Text widget. There are 2 boxes. Fill in the box called “Title” with the name of your book and the words “click on the image” if you think your readers need a nudge. There is then an empty box below called Content.

  1. On your Amazon Associate page find your product and then click on “get link”.
  2. Choose “Image only” tab, copy and paste the HTML code in to your widget’s Content box. Press save. Check your blog page. Success?

HOW. Mine says welcome of Associate Central. And then offers a chance to “Get a product link”.  It all sounds so easy. Type your books name or ISBN in and search. When it comes up click on the yellow box which says “Get Link”.  4 tabs appear, they say “Image and text”, “Text only”, “Image only” and “Widget”. This is where people make mistakes. They click on the wrong tab. You must click on “Image only”  NOT “Image and Text” which would allow the price to show. This is commercial on a WordPress blog and not allowed. Scroll down and then copy the HTML code and paste it in to your “Content” section of the widget in your blog. Press save. You dont have to know any HTML to do this.

On your wordpress blog you will now have the image of your book which provides a live link to those who click on it. But no price will sully your non commercial page. It seems this is how others have solved the problem. Look at their blogs, it works. If you dont have wordpress blog, but your own page I presume the HTML on Amazon Associates tab,  “image and text”  would be what you want. But I am not sure until I do it.

I hope this helps. Fleur

TIP. I use the “short code” link found on the wordpress editing blog section, for twitter and facebook.  It is much shorter and links people to my blog first and then to my book.

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