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Written in the 1980s, Nan and Nor is based on two of the adults who helped bring Lil up in the privileged life that she was born into. Blending her memories in to a story of the old upstairs/downstairs world, but with a sensitivity to the real limitations that such lives had, Lil captures an emotional drama of love, hate and loyalty.


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It starts with the death of the mistress of the house and a way of life comes to an end. And the two people who shared their lives for over 60 years, the housekeeper and the nanny, their animosity must reach some conclusion.  The tea sets, the evening dresses and dozens of handkerchiefs, all have to be sorted out. The kitchens must be emptied and the final staff pensioned off, no longer needed in a modern world.

Set from the late 1930’s to the late 1970’s, the author describes the world of those upstairs and those downstairs who shared the rigid hierarchy together. The beautiful nostalgic descriptions of a changing way of life hide the raw emotions of jealousy and love that bound the two women to their mistress and her house. A past world is described, as it changed after the second world war, and how those who lived through the changes adapted and survived. The book reaches its climax and the two women search for freedom as they pack away a past age.

Lil Butler cleverly catches the passing of time for the two women and describes the poetry of growing old, in all its indignations and beauty. This is a book about loyalties and class differences,  it is about hope and hopelessness, love and jealousy.

Nearly one year since Lil’s last novel appeared on Kindle, Lil’s editor (me) has edited and uploaded her third Novel. All her books will be available on Print on Demand, once I have mastered the technology. If you like Lil Butler, look out for my forthcoming rural noir series, set in the Yorkshire Dales. Published also by the Yorkshire Dales Press.

If you have a book you want to publish on Kindle and think it suits the Yorkshire Dales Press label, please let us know, We would love to help get your words out there too.

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