Fleur Butler’s Books

Preview: A Delicate Affair.

 A modern murder mystery based on the retelling of Abelard and Heloise’s passionate love affair, set in a rural town after the murder of Heloise’s father. Ruth Rendell meets Midsomer Murders set in the Yorkshire Dales.

In my stories I love re exploring the people I have met but in unrecognisable ways. As well as my Abelard and Heloise murder mystery, I am working on a murder set in the time of Foot and Mouth and a third set of murders based on the selection of the local MP for a Yorkshire constituency.  The drive to write is enormously strong as I try to condense my love of working with people into novels exploring their strengths and weaknesses. I don’t aim to write highbrow literature, but hopefully have put together a good yarn, set in a micro world, that readers will want to recognise by its Yorkshire location.  Fun stories for an audience who knows it likes murder mysteries.

Mr first book is now looking for an agent, I have finished the next one and am letting it “rest” while I write my third based on MP selections. When it is cold, it will be ready for a proper edit before I seek professional help.  



One Response to Fleur Butler’s Books

  1. anna77dennis says:

    Hi Fleur, I am glad to come across your blog by the link Richard put up on fb and I look forward to reading your books, they look great and I am in need of something good to read! Anna x


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