Lil Butler’s Books

Preview:   When bends the bough” 

Love for a divorced mother, bred only to marry and keep standards up, can take all sorts of surprising turns behind the respectable world of London’s Chelsea in the 80’s.

“Micro Light”

A political murder written during the troubles in Northern Ireland,a  brilliantly creative satirical look at the conventions of the the ruling British classes in the time of sectarian strife.

To be released on Kindle Amazon in  2015, let me know if you want to come to the Launch in Yorkshire.

Lil was hailed by her agent in the late 80’s as the next Molly Keane, or Mary Wesley, with a wickedly dark look at the fading world of upper middle class England.  She was starting to get her name known, with articles in the Independent and other papers. She had contracts drawn up by her agent, Marie Pollinger and the publishing houses were ready.Then there was a cataclysmic change in the publishing world and they all started to buy each other out. All contracts were cancelled.  And Mum, she lost her nerve and changed lovers and became distracted. Fatal

Old computers, old lovers and dodgy filling meant no whole book had been found. But then she turned up in the village, with nothing but two large refugees bags. ( We leant her furniture from our garages, and she bought the rest at auction)  Rather like digging through a treasure trove, her arrival in her dream Bungalow in the village has uncovered hard copies. Dusty bound copies in old type.  We are scanning the best, my sister and I, and  are now trying to work out how to publish them for e books. Keep an eye out and we will let you know when the first launch is.  

She also remembered her first published book, and we found it was still on Amazon, 7 years after Athena had published it, it is in paperback only until we can scan it. Mum has lost the original discs. Have a look at the reviews on Amazon, just click on the picture to the side bar.

Preview: “What ever next” A touching and funny look at widowhood and loneliness, when a woman realises her husband’s claims to be a spy allowed him a double life she knew nothing about.


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