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Grandmothers at Christmas.lil

Gob smacked!   I saw Frankie armed with some marigolds ferociously attacking a miscreant pot.   A more handsome, lithe young man would be hard to find than my grandchild number 8 (I think).   Last time I saw him he had hair … Continue reading

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Christmas highlights. The benefits of walking and good humour and why a shared mother and daughter blog works. By Fleur

It is the 28th of December. That strange period after Christmas and before New Year when it is considered still socially acceptable to drink a glass of Bailey’s Irish Cream at lunch time, with ham and cabbage soup, and a … Continue reading

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Lil remembers the Aug bank holiday. A pre Christmas Laugh for those about to be overwhelmed.

Friday: Sam and I did what Sam and I like doing best, we went to an auction.   Sam learnt about lustre, what a button hook was and we argued about a dear littler cruet with wobbly parrots – No granny, they … Continue reading

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Bungalow Lil’s views on Christmas so far.

Oh dear!   I’m all fingers and thumbs when it comes to wrapping bloody Christmas presents.   I cut the twinkly paper either too short or too big for the plastic  shaped toy.  I try doing it on my knees, end up crawling … Continue reading

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