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Lil ponders a walk with the over 80’s and Alzheimer’s group in the Yorkshire Dales

(For those who wish to see a photo of Lil, read to the end, where the photo is) June had twisted her ankle, Margaret (there are two Margarets), didn’t like the rain. Betty and John were worried about the roads … Continue reading

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Darkness Descends, and the Bungalow is closed. By Fleur

The lights go, darkness descends as the primeval  wind whips round the house and the sleet bashes down on the windows.   English weather, for which our houses are not prepared.  Built over a hundred years ago, with the earliest factory … Continue reading

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Panic in a time of Snow. by Lil

Isn’t snow beautiful?   I had no idea it had arrived till I flung back the curtains, except there was no flinging, just a sleepy twitch of the curtain, and there it was. What I like best is the narrow white … Continue reading

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